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Academy has assisted tens of thousands of people to get their credit back on track - to obtain credit cards, qualify for homes and cars. An Academy membership is the secret recipe for good credit:

We restore your credit and boost your credit score

If you have been turned down for credit - you have a problem! Academy members get approved for lower rates on credit cards, auto, personal, and home loans. They also avoid stiff upfront fees for satellite tv service, and cell phone service.

How do people do it? They have good credit. Life is easier with good credit. Life is less expensive with good credit. In a few months you can see signficant difference in your lifestyle. We assist you in every aspect of restoring your credit - doing all the work we are allowed to do by law for you. We are the experts at fixing credit reports and improving your score.

We protect your credit rating and your identity

Repairing your credit and not protecting your credit is like building a house and not putting on a roof. Why risk losing your credit through identity theft and fraud, or through the mistakes of the credit bureaus?

75% of all credit reports have errors on them. Don't let that happen to you!

We help you eliminate one of the main causes of poor credit: DEBT

A horrible four letter word and one of the leading causes of divorce and relationship problems in America today. It also happens to be the leading cause of bankruptcy and poor credit.
Academy members learn how to control and reduce debt through software tools and techniques included in their membership. Get your finances on track today!

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Save Time and Money

Repairing your credit on your own can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Especially if you don't know what to dispute, how to write your letters, and to whom you should send them. We have built a powerful database of information and your Personal Credit Mentor will help guide you through the process to make it as simple as possible.

With so many obstacles in the way of someone with poor credit, life can be costly and difficult. Academy Credit will work to put you back in control of your hard earned cash. You could save thousands of dollars on interest rates, lines of credit and loan points by bettering your credit rating.

Debt Elimination System

Debt destroys careers, families, and happiness. Massive amounts of energy and worry goes into the juggling of income and payments to meet life's needs. The secret to living a fulfilled and richer lifestyle is getting control of your financial life and eliminating debt. Academy provides an easy system and tools to control your money and eliminate debt--the secret to permanent good credit and a richer life.

The first step in eliminating debt is a personalized plan. Academy assists to create your personalized plan and to make it happen!

All the tools you need under one roof

Academy Credit is unique because we bundle our services together under one convenient membership. When you become a member of Academy Credit, we put all of our credit expertise and repair tools at your disposal. It all starts with the Personal Credit Mentor, who will help guide Academy Credit members through the complete process of repairing their credit - starting with obtaining a free credit report!

Access your private online account view your credit report, check the progress of disputes, identify next steps, set monitoring preferences, obtain loans and cash, and receive member discounts and benefits. As a member, all the tools you need are at your fingertips.

It's all right here. Think of Academy Credit as your friendly and professional one stop shop for boosting your credit score, eliminating your debt, and protecting your finances.

Academy's membership can bundle together:

Customer Testimonial "I got another response today from Experian and they deleted the bankruptcy on my report!!!! I am so pleased! Now, let's get the other two credit bureaus to do the same before Feb. 28th, because I will be signing papers to apply for a mortgage to buy a house then!...Thanks again for the great job you are doing. I really appreciate it and it is totally worth it!"

- Jen F., Academy Credit Member

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